A Much needed update, and more to come...

Bots are now rectangular prisms, and players are still capsules.

Bots now have eyes. This along with their square shape helps show the rotation of the bot.

Due to browser lag, the camera no longer follows the player. This may change in a later update.

Fixed a lighting issue where items in the scene had a yellow tint.

Changed the angle of the directional light to provide shadows that cover less.

Added box colliders (barriers) to each level (Please comment if you run into any glitches.)

Coming up:

Wander AI Soon to be added

New scenery designs soon available.

Smoother menu graphics soon to be added.

An explanation of how each AI example world soon to be added.

A pause menu and settings menu will soon be available.

Jumping, in both bots and players, will soon be added.

Remember, this program is in early development and will always be free to use for educational purposes.

Have an amazing day, goodbye. :)


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8 days ago

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